Welding Tips For Beginners And Newcomers

One of the first welding methods was forge welding where two metals were heated then joined through constant and heavy hitting until the metals forged. From the start of welding tips for beginners, the art of melting two pieces of metal with the intention of joining them is what is referred to as welding.

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The transfer of electric current between an electrode and a piece of metal creates enough heat to melt and then fuse the two pieces together. A successful weld is where the joint remains strong for a very long time, like new.

Some welding tips for beginners are Arc welding is the mostly used currently and involves an electric current jumping through an air gap to produce a lot of heat that then melt the two metals. AC welding is the most common and ideal for beginners, but before all this the beginner needs tips on how best to achieve the welding target. These welding tips for beginners are necessary to make sure the welding process is performed successfully and without any hitch.

Learning Process

One cannot just read a book with guides and presume to know how to weld. There are numerous classes offered at colleges or at various welding areas by experienced welders, whether one wants to weld as a hobby or as a trade. The classes will expose you to the various types of welding principles such as MIG, TIG, Stick, Gas arc welding and Plasma arc welding. For safety reasons, one should know all the different gases and equipment used. This is an important part in welding tips for beginners.

Safety First

The three health hazards that a new welder encounters are; the bright light, the flying sparks and the choking smoke. Wearing safety glasses, helmet, a filter mask and gloves can go a long way in shielding you from the harmful effects of welding. A leather jacket worn with jeans and leather shoes can also protect you from the molten metal and hence bad burns. There are special suits designed for welders that can protect from unnecessary accidents when welding. This, among the welding tips for beginners, should never be ignored.

Safety From Fire

Flammable materials such as paper, clothing, oil paint and anything that can burn should be kept away from the welding area. Before any welding is done, the welder should first ensure the welding area is clear of anything that does not belong. The welding area should be dry to prevent accidental electrocutions. This welding tip for beginners mirrors the one before it as it advocates for safety.

Equipment Inspection

All the welding equipment should be keenly inspected to limit the chance of accidents occurring. The welding room should also be well aerated to allow the welding smoke to escape without causing harm.

The above welding tips for beginners are necessary for any new welder because they make welding safer. They are however not everything or the final welding tips for beginners but the main ones that cover the process widely.


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